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Stop wasting food - There is a new way to manage your pantry!

Why do we do this?

24.5 M

Tons of CO2 emitted annually into the atmosphere due to food waste.

€ 362

The annual impact of food waste on the domestic economy of a family in Italy.

€ 13 billion

The economic value of food wasted every year, only on the tables of Italian families.

How It Works

Download the app

Download the app on your smartphone, and activate the connection NFC.

Activate the clip

Bring the clip close to your smartphone to make the association.

Fill out the form

Enter the data of the food to be kept, such as the name of the product or the type.

Add the expiry date, price and location of the food. Congratulations, you're done!

Close the package

Use the clip to close the food package, and put it away.

Receive notifications

Memo Food Clip will remind you, through automatic notifications, of foods approaching their expiry date.

Reduce waste!

The Advantages of Memo Food Kit


The clips are non-toxic, made with recycled plastics, and certified for contact with food

Without Battery

NFC technology works without battery. MemoFood Kit products must never be reloaded.


The product is designed to create proper nutrition education - children like it too :)

Coming soon

New products to
help you with alimony deadlines

In addition, a dedicated section in the APP with useful tips to better preserve products that are about to expire.

Cut waste, eat better!

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