<transcy>NEM MASK</transcy>

The reusable, professional mask

comfortable and safe

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<transcy>Design and Safety an Italian project</transcy>

<transcy>Antibacterial filters</transcy>

The mask is equipped with two interchangeable filters treated with Nanotechnology ensuring good breathing.

<transcy>Hypoallergenic material</transcy>

The material is hypoallergenic soft rubber to offer comfort and safety for everyday use.

<transcy>Here are some advantages</transcy>

<transcy>Respect the environment and save you money</transcy>

The NEM mask is easily washable and sterilizable countless times, so you can avoid use and throw away, designed for daily use, both private and professional.


Thanks to Nanotechnology, the NEM mask guarantees extra safety against viruses and bacteria, promoting safety


You will no longer have to buy disposable masks, thus avoiding the risk of running out and damaging the environment.

<transcy>Breathe better</transcy>

The mask is equipped with two filters, so you can breathe much better even after many hours of use.


In addition to its comfortable adherence to the face, the elastics of the NEM mask rest on the nape of the neck, thus avoiding ear discomfort

<transcy>Do you have a company? Customize the NEM mask</transcy>

It is possible to customize two colors

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