La nostra mission: come ridurre lo spreco alimentare

Our mission: how to reduce food waste

Our company's mission is to reduce food waste and promote sustainable and responsible consumption. We are committed to providing innovative products that help our end customers use all food products efficiently and reduce waste.


We believe that every person should have access to fresh, nutritious food, regardless of their geographic location or economic situation . For this reason, we want to work closely with our customers, generating an engaged community that truly believes in the value of food, nutrition, environmental protection and savings.


A small daily gesture in this part of the world can have a positive resonance where people suffer from hunger and live in poverty. All together, we can put new and virtuous habits into practice, for a tomorrow without waste of food, economic resources and without pollution.

What are we fighting against? Here are our goals

Food waste not only has direct effects on our daily lives, such as a greater expenditure of money or the non-consumption of purchased food, but it also ruins our planet without us realizing it directly.


In fact, food waste emits 13 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year . How? When food is produced, enormous amounts of energy and resources are used to grow, transport and store it. This process emits CO2 into the atmosphere and contributes to climate change.


Also, when food is thrown away and ends up in the trash, it begins to decompose and releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Therefore, reducing food waste not only helps conserve food resources and reduce hunger, but can also contribute to reducing the impact of human activities on the climate, improving the health of our planet for future generations.


Economically, food waste has a huge impact. It is estimated that each family spends an average of 362 euros a year on food that will be thrown away without being consumed. Overall, the value of wasted food in our country is 24 million euros.


Food waste means that farmers, producers and retailers do not receive the full value of their goods, causing a loss of income and a negative impact on the economy. Therefore, reducing food waste not only helps conserve food resources and reduce hunger, but can also have a positive impact on the economy, increasing incomes for farmers, producers and retailers and making food more accessible for all .

How do we avoid food waste?

H24Invent responds to the food waste emergency with what we do best: innovate and design. We are creators of products that help our customers keep track of their spending, open food packages and expiration dates, so they can consume their food before it goes bad.


The flagship of our company are the Memo Food Clips , comfortable and colorful pegs for closing food packages which, through a handy app, allow anyone to never forget an open box of food in the pantry. Thus, food is consumed before it expires or no longer tastes good and our customers will have reduced food waste.


Our Memo Food Clips are useful for teaching consumers new virtuous habits, reducing food waste and also allowing you to save on shopping. They do not require recharging, are simple to use and do not require additional management costs.


Not just food waste: H24Invest also fights to avoid wasting water and reducing plastic in the environment. Discover BottleMap , a comfortable and elegant water bottle equipped with a QR code, ready to be scanned to find out where the nearest drinking water fountain is. Thus, you will always be hydrated and the environment will thank you.

Make a difference with us

We are proud to be part of a movement to create a more equitable and sustainable world. Our mission is to create a more sustainable future for all, a future where food waste is no longer a problem.


Keep following us on our social networks to discover new tips to avoid food waste. You will save on the cost of groceries and save your planet.


Start reducing food waste today: plan your meals in advance, buy only what you need and store food correctly, with our innovative Memo Food Clips , to avoid having to throw it away. Every little action we take has an impact and together we can make a difference.

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