Who we are

H24Invent is an Invention Factory founded in 2016 in the metropolitan city of Venice with the aim of interpreting the future by creating useful and innovative products.
Our solutions are the result of a passion for creativity, technology, innovation, design and aim to solve problems with still unexplored ideas.
These elements are the key to understanding our products and our work, which drives us to look to the future to improve the present.
Between the present and the future there are inventions

Our values

Creativity : we see possible solutions in problems, we make them tangible and transform them into opportunities to improve everyday life.
Innovation : present and future are separated by the innovation that continues every day in the world without ever stopping. Our desire is to contribute to this technological revolution and encourage its expansion with our ideas.
Technology : we use the most cutting-edge technologies to design and build H24Invent products in order to provide an intense, pleasant user experience and always with an eye to the environment.
Design : The balance of shapes in objects is constant research and attention, to give you a pleasure in observing the lines and details of each product made.
Utility : We design useful objects designed to be accessible to any generation capable of using a smartphone. We want to guarantee the concept of utility to everyone to take advantage of what was once a problem and is now a solution.