Shipping policy

Orders and Shipments:

Order management times and shipping times:

By order management we mean: the registration of the order after payment, the insertion of the order at the end of the orders already registered, the possible supply of the product if not available on deposit, the control of the product, the product packaging, the production of a waybill for the shipment of the product and the assignment of the shipment to the courier.
Orders are generally managed within 4 working days from receipt of payment, however we undertake, when possible, to fulfill orders within the day.
When the goods are taken over by the courier, it is not possible to change the shipping address.

Shipping delivery time:

Shipping and delivery times for products entrusted to the courier vary from 1 to 5 working days.
Deliveries are made from Monday to Friday.
The delivery terms are merely indicative and are in no way binding. The management of shipments is entrusted to external couriers (eg Gruppo Poste Italiane SDA, GLS, BRT, UPS, DHL, MailBoxesetc.) And therefore it is not possible for us to guarantee a certain delivery day, but only an approximate period of time.
Deliveries are subject to variations that cannot be determined during holidays, during sudden or scheduled carrier strike actions, due to errors in the management of the shipment by the courier or due to significant weather phenomena.
Deliveries may be subject to delays if they occur management problems by the transport company: eg. misguided expeditions to other regions, lost expeditions, adverse weather conditions, etc.

Shipping Costs:

Shipping costs vary according to the weight and volume of the products and are automatically calculated from the shopping cart of the site or the sales platform.
Shipping costs vary according to the total / final weight / volume of the shipment , there is no difference whether it is a multi-package or a single package.

Delivery costs do not include floor delivery, delivery by appointment, Saturday delivery, delivery to large-scale distribution, delivery at a set time, mandatory telephone contact by the courier, and other additional services .

We undertake to indicate, with the utmost clarity, the shipping costs when completing the order. If it is not possible at the time of completing the order, the increased costs for shipments to smaller or disadvantaged locations will be reported to the customer by email before the order is processed. Shipment to Sardinia, all the smaller islands and disadvantaged / peripheral locations declared as such in the lists provided by couriers (eg VENICE) are often subject to increased rates. Having read the surcharges on shipping, the buyer can proceed with the balance in the manner indicated or can request the cancellation of the order and consequently the full refund of the transaction will be authorized. Such surcharges on shipping costs are in no way dependent on us, but are imposed by the couriers.

Free shipping is a special promotion that we offer on certain products or at certain times of the year on all or part of our catalog.
In case of purchasing multiple products, the cart will calculate the shipping costs of the items on which there is no free shipping.
In case of return of an item in free shipping, the cost of shipping will not be refunded and will remain the responsibility of the buyer.

The costs of storage due to repeated impossibility of delivery to the address indicated at the time of the order or for any address errors not attributable to us will be borne by the buyer
In the event that the shipment goes into storage, the shipment will remain blocked at the reference branch of the courier or at the post office until the end of the storage period. If, during this storage period, the balance of the costs of storage and return of goods by the buyer by bank transfer or PayPal circuit will not take place, the shipment will return to the sender and all the costs of storage and return to the sender will be deducted from the reimbursement of the transaction. In the event of a deficit between the costs of storage / return to the sender and the total of the purchase transaction, no refund will be made and the balance of the remaining debt will be requested.
The costs of storage and delivery / return of goods due to repeated impossibility of delivery at the address indicated, due to absence at the second passage, due to the expiry of the terms without having sent delivery instructions or collection in storage (in compliance with the times established by each carrier) or for any address errors not attributable to us will be at at the expense of the buyer and must be paid by bank transfer or PayPal.
In the event that the customer does not collect the goods ordered and in storage at the courier's or 'post office due to the repeated impossibility of delivery to the address indicated by the customer at the time of the order, the goods will return to the sender and they will the costs of shipping and returning the goods to our warehouses are owed to the buyer.

Receiving shipment:

Upon delivery of the goods by the carrier, the recipient is required to check:

- that the number of packages delivered corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document;
- that the packaging is intact, not altered even in the closing tapes;

We inform you that pursuant to Legislative Decree 22/5/1999 n.185, the goods travel at the risk of the recipient, so if the goods are not accepted subject to control it will not be possible to lodge a complaint with the carrier. Pursuant to art. 63 of the Consumer Code, in the event of tampering, breakage or damage, even minimal, to the packaging / packaging of the shipment, the recipient must immediately contest the shipment and delivery by writing "RESERVE TO CHECK GOODS FOR ... (indicate the reason. Example: It is accepted with reserve due to damaged packaging / broken cardboard / compromised tapes / torn film / wet neck / etc.) "On the delivery document received by the courier.
The affixing of the" SPECIFIC RESERVE "allows the recipient to check the goods even at a later time since the courier by law does not allow you to open the package until the delivery is signed. It is therefore understood that, once the delivery document has been signed without any objection, the recipient / purchaser will be precluded from any dispute regarding irregularities regarding the external and internal characteristics of what was delivered.
The affixing of words "is accepted subject to control "," with reserve "or" with reserve package intact "are prefigured as" acceptance with general reserve "and will NOT be sufficient conditions for forwarding the complaint. Claims for damages on goods accepted without specific control reserve will not be accepted.
In order to protect our customers, we always invite you to accept shipments by affixing the specific control reserve.
The buyer must immediately communicate by email that he has accepted the shipment with reserve and report any damage to the goods within 3 days of receipt of the shipment, any damage report must be documented photographically
The company does not respond of the damage suffered by the goods if you do not carry out the above procedures.
When opening the package, the customer is always required to check that the product received corresponds to that ordered before using it.